The Collectivist Motto

We Fundraising Collectivists live by a code.  A motto.  A manifesto

To Boldly Go

Okay, that's a lie. To Boldly Go belongs to Star Trek.  But damn, we wish we'd thought of it first. 

Mottos are tricky things.  Some days you're Boldly Going and then suddenly, someone messes with your fundraising copy and you're all meh "Hear me Roar!" (Game of Thrones anyone?).  

But today isn't one of those days.

So instead of fury and in the fine tradition of thievery we're stealing not ONE but TWO mottos to create our manifesto and to capture what the Fundraising Collective is all about:

“Share and Enjoy"
"For the Benefit of All"

(if you don't recognise these mottos it is because you are not a geek. This is a shame but nobody is perfect so do not despair. Find them HERE and HERE.).

The Fundraising Collective is here to bring you our accumulated experiences of the wonderful world of fundraising, from direct marketing through to capital campaigns.  Where we share, we hope you enjoy - and hopefully, we all benefit.


And stolen.

Good stuff.

A note on the Collectivists...
Welcome gentle reader, I hope you enjoy reading the views and thoughts of the Fundraising Collectivists. Please note that our posts reflect our personal views and experiences, not those of any of the organisations with which we have worked. 

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