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Welcome Gentle Reader!

The Fundraising Collectivists are delighted to welcome you to our humble cavern of donor delights. Here, at Castle Collectivist, philanthropic philosophising teams up with dazzling donor development to deliver a frothing fountain of fundraising foolishness. 

Collectively, we sashay across the sectors - cultural, voluntary, independent school and higher education.  We also span the disciplines - from insight to direct marketing, from major gifts to strategy and management. We are active practitioners in our chosen fields and our bewilderment, wise words and top tips stem directly from real experiences in the wild and wonderful world of fundraising. We like to share. Because we're nice like that.

We are the Fundraising Collective (not unlike the Avengers but wordier and with less spandex).  We also have names. And they are....

Regular Collectivists

Rachel (@brownrach)
Rachel forged her fundraising career in Regular Giving, and now heads up a one-(wo)man fundraising shop for a leading art gallery. Responsible for all elements of the fundraising operation, she loves looking for new and innovative ways to connect with supporters, and finding the 'why.' During her time living in the North-East of England she was told that 'shy bairns get nowt' and it remains her fundraising mantra. Here she writes about direct mail, finding the case for support, the challenges of being a one man band and the importance of a good cup of tea. Recently nominated as Collectivist most likely to be awarded a CASE crystal apple or comedy writing contract. Whichever comes first.

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Margaret (@CollectiveMarg)
Margaret struck out on her fundraising quest in the heady world of Major Gifts and Capital Campaigns. Now Head of Development at a major cultural sector organisation, she is firm believer that strategy should not be confined to Games of Risk (however heated). As a former member of IoF Scotland's Professional Development Committee, she has a fierce commitment to improving the quality of the biscuits fundraising training and thinks you really can learn something new every day. Fully intending to be a best-selling novelist by the time she is 98, at present she contents herself with taking pictures and honing her scribery. She is also known to dress as Wonder Woman on the flimsiest pretext, especially if sponsorship is involved. Sadly, she does not have an invisible jet (yet), but she plans to get one before she takes on any more 26 mile challenges. 

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Hannah (@hannahbrodie)
Head of External Engagement at a major Scottish university, Hannah fell into corporate fundraising over 15 years ago. She’s also a major gifts specialist and loves nothing more than meeting and building relationships with as many people as possible. A keen and straight talking networker, her motto – “you don’t ask, you don’t get” - ensures new and exciting opportunities around every corner. Hannah is involved in the Scottish music scene: supporting the organisation of music industry conferences and helping out Scottish festivals where she can.  

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Occasional Collectivists 

Niamh (@niamhini)
Niamh choreographs words, planning and strategy, - small detail to big picture. She has worked on fundraising start-ups, major gift programmes, feasibility studies, campaign planning, prospect research, cases for support, databases and stewardship. She is always thinking creatively about the needs of the project. She is a red wine enthusiast and an aspiring globe trotter. She loves getting things done. 

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Sanne (@GeoDevGirl)
Sanne is a facilitator who likes to tease out interesting stories, new angles and unique selling points by bringing together the right people and asking the right questions. She will transform a funding proposal to a document that truly sings its way to success. She loves every cheese under the sun, particularly the old and smelly ones. She also works as a freelance social and product photographer on Dijkstra-Downie Photography.  

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Paul is an (award winning!) accredited master in the noble discipline of decision making science. Here he writes about all aspects of fundraising data, predictive modelling and performance reporting. He uses lots of pictures in his presentations so, y'know, fundraisers can understand them. Sometimes they even do.

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Gary (@garyker)
Gary works in community fundraising and Heads up a UK-wide team at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.  In addition he plays an active role with the Institute of Fundraising in Scotland volunteering on both the Scottish Executive and the Professional Development Committees.  Here Gary writes about all things fundraising – sometimes community, sometimes strategy and sometimes commenting on topical themes.

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Guest Collectivists:

A note on the Collectivists...

Welcome gentle reader, I hope you enjoy reading the views and thoughts of the Fundraising Collectivists. Please note that our posts reflect our personal views and experiences, not those of any of the organisations with which we have worked. 


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