Saturday, 29 April 2017

He said stick to your knitting and we said...

Polling Station by secretlondon123

Most people living in the UK would be justified in feeling a little bit exhausted by politics. In the last 2 and half years we've had two referenda and, come June, we'll be embarking on our second general election in the same time period. On the global stage we've been swept up in the bloodily fought US Presidential campaign and in countries around Europe we've seen the rise of Far Right political parties.

For fundraisers and charity workers, we've also been on a roller-coaster within our own sector. In the same period we've had changes to our codes of practice and been under attack for our fundraising methods. We've had reviews, and consultations, and new regulation introduced. It's harder to raise philanthropic income. 

Sticking to your knitting 

That's all happening at a time when statutory income has been dropping at a local and national level. Services are being cut. To give one example, since 2010 in England nearly 1 in 5 specialist refuges have shut down. Now, on a typical day, 103 children and 155 women are turned away, because there is no room for them.

Charities need fundraised income more than they ever have before, but it's harder to get. Some have become more financially dependent on dwindling local authority contracts, and subsequently, more reluctant to "bite the hand that feeds them" by highlighting wrongs or campaigning for change.

And what does that mean for their beneficiaries?