Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Donate now: Telling stories with donation boxes

I was recently visiting the St Ives School of Painting and spotted their unusual donation box. The school of painting is a beautiful art school with an inspiring history rooted in St Ives.

The donation box caught my eye. I liked the way its materials were rooted in the cause. You can’t tell terribly well from the photo, but the box itself is an old drawing case, and it’s filled with art paraphernalia. 

Problem is, it doesn't tell me anything about what my money will do. It’s beautiful in itself, but unless I know about the school, I wouldn’t have any indication of what my donation might do.

And it got me thinking. Do we put enough time and thought into our donation boxes? Do we do enough to tell people what their donation will do?

For many of us I fear the answer is, not really.

But one charity, Misereon , a german relief organization, seems to have done just that.
Their donation box for the campaign, “Mit 2€ viel bewegen” (which translates to “getting things moving with 2€”) blew my donation box socks off.

It invites donors to give a 2 euro coin, and then watch the journey of their donation, and all that it would achieve. (find out more on the Tinkerlog site)

Watch it in action below.

Whether or not you've got the budget for such a fantastic contraption, I hope you’ll keep it in mind the next time you’re tasked with ordering a simple donation box.


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