Friday, 8 August 2014

Great timing: How to improve your charity comms

I think Kids Co are a super charity doing important and inspiring work. You may remember they sent me an  impressive thank you letter a couple of years ago.

Well, since then I've received email communications from them, and one recent email was particularly powerful and timely.

During the school holidays many children and young people are left to fend for themselves, often scared, hungry and at risk of abuse or exploitation.  Kids Company's Safe Summer project provides emergency food, shelter and high-risk outreach workers to keep children safe when they have no-one else to turn to. Please help us keep a vulnerable child safe this summer by donating here.

And it got me thinking. Are your communications timely? Does your charity time it's messaging with what's going out there in the real world? Or do your internal rhythms dictate your campaigns - like when staff are on annual leave, or your financial year ends, or when you can get volunteers or the budget forecast has to be done?

Of course we all face internal challenges, calendars and processes - but your donors are out there in the world, and when your communications are in sync with that - like this appeal linked with the school summer holidays - they resonate with our experiences and are much more powerful as a result.


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