Monday, 4 August 2014

Fundraisers in action

Today I walked past a fundraiser in action. A crowd of people were watching her and queuing up to donate. I wondered what we, as professional fundraisers, could learn from her.

Inspiring the people of St Ives

Go to where the people are

This fundraiser is smart. She has picked a sunny day in the summer holidays on a very busy street in a seaside town. The footfall is high and she knows she'll have an audience.

Make yourself seen

By playing the violin, everyone stopped to see what was going on.

Clear fundraising message

This girl is raising money for the Kids Hospice South West, and it's splashed on a sign propped against her music stand, and on the poster she's displaying.

Make it easy to give

There is a large bucket to put your donation into. Everyone knows how to support.

Tell them what you're trying to raise

I love the totaliser on display. This girl is trying to raise a staggering £5,000 for the Hospice, and we can see (from her excellent drawing) that she already has £3,000 banked. How motivating for donors to help her try and reach this ambitious target.

This fundraiser made me dig deep into my purse for Children's Hospice South West  and put a huge smile on my face on a busy Monday. Bravo that girl. 


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