Monday, 21 July 2014

Show and tell: How to improve your charity communications in one step

You may remember I’d been off at CASE enjoying a seminar on Trusts and Foundations Funding. I’d presented a short session on writing applications, and one of  things we talked about was Showing Not Telling.

Why show, not tell?

'Showing not telling' is so important in fundraising. It is easy to tell – it’s our default setting really – and we do it in proposals, in meetings and in donor reports. But showing is much more powerful, compelling and authentic.

How to tell.

To see if you've been doing too much telling, look for statements about your organisation. Said any of these recently?

We are a world leading university.

We carry out cutting edge research into cancer.

We have been helping the homeless in our community for twenty years.

How to show.

Well some easy ways are to include: 

Quotations from beneficiaries

Extracts from feedback

Extracts from letters of support

External quotes from independent experts or reports

Show stopping pictures

When I was looking for images to include in my CASE presentation, I stumbled across this gem*.

*Image source unknown.

Print it out and pop it on your desk. Keep it in mind whenever you’re talking to or writing for supporters, stakeholders or donors.

I’d love to hear great examples of charities showing their impact. Share them with me below or on twitter.


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