Monday, 24 March 2014

Corporate Fundraising on a Shoestring

For the next in our Fundraising on a Shoestring series, I'm taking a look at the world of business. 

For those working in a small office and with a skeleton staff, corporate fundraising can seem like a glamorous red herring.

Building relationships with companies is a time consuming business. It doesn't necessarily cost the earth. However, without dedicated staff time, you'll need think strategically about what is the best use of your time and effort, so let’s go back to basics.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Major Gifts on a Shoestring

It's budget week this week. With George Osborne waving the red briefcase and talking about austerity, beer and bingo, it seems like a good time to focus on our very own Collectivist Austerity Measures.

Welcome to the Fundraising on a Shoe String series. 

First up, Major Gifts. The fancy pants glitzy posh cousin of the fundraising world. 

Can Major Gifts really ever be a budget exercise?  

Friday, 7 March 2014

March Digital Campaign of the Month

This week, Collectivist Marg has once again been pondering the wild and wonderful world of digital. Last time I blogged about this, I asked if you were ready. Because digital, my friend, is here. 

I'm seeing digital as a game changer. Not an income generator in its own right, but the piece of the jigsaw which will help our community fundraising take a stratospheric leap forward. That will help us to be super smart in developing corporate partnerships. That will give us donor insight beyond our wildest dreams. Oh, and let's not forget personalisation. Digital will help us to reach out to our donors with highly personalised, highly targeted engagement. 

Is digital a silver bullet?
Alright, it's not a silver bullet, but it can let you do some pretty cool stuff.  Let's take Thunderclap for example. Thunderclap is a campaigning platform. The premise is simple, but effective. Get a minimum of 100 sign ups from willing participants, and Thunderclap will fire out a thunderclap e.g. a timed tweet / facebook status update / tumblr blog across your participants social media platforms simultaneously, creating a great disruption in the force stir on t'interweb. That's a Thunderclap.

So how does that work for fundraising?