Monday, 2 December 2013

What we don't know about supporter care...

Supporter care. Stewardship.  Donor relations. 

How do you look after the people that look after you?  Do your supporters even think that they need looking after? 

Supporter care is on my mind at the moment. If fundraisers had a school report and supporter care were on the curriculum my strong suspicion is that it would get a C- and a 'could do better.'  Because in the great drive to acquire and ask, the simple art of staying in touch can get forgotten.

Dorothy Donor

My mum is a classic Dorothy Donor.  A pre-war baby, she's now approaching 80 and gives to a number of charities. She's your classic DM favourite. She reads all her post. She likes human interest stories, whether they come from the parish gossip, from the local news or from a cash appeal. Instead of buying Christmas presents for her numerous progeny she sends goats to Africa and candles to nuns.

So how does she feel about supporter care?