Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Community fundraising: 7 ways to tell better stories

Did you go to the Institute of Fundraising Scottish Conference this year?  NO? Well, worst luck, neither did your humble friends here at the Fundraising Collective. And we missed out because it sounds like this year's conference was a stonking success.

The IoF conference makes for a happy fundraiser 

However, thanks to the kindness of our Collectivist Chums (like Carebear Cousins but without flashy tummies) all is not lost. We might not have gotten to the Conference but the Conference has come to us, in the form of Super Guest Collectivist and Chair of the IoF Scotland's Professional Development Committee, Gary Kernahan - back by popular demand (and no Gary, that's not stretching things).

The theme of the IoF Scottish Conference 2013 was Storytelling - and who doesn't love a good yarn?  Well our friend Gary is going to tell us exactly what storytelling means to him.  Conference, Schmonference.  We have the best bits right here!
Over to you Gary....

Monday, 21 October 2013

Seven Things I Learned About Writing at CASE

A couple of weeks ago I co-chaired CASE's Writing for Fundraisers 2013 Conference. 

For those that don't know, CASE is the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (and yes I do have to look that up every time).  It's mothership that gathers all us hapless education (and related) fundraisers up and spits us out with more knowledge than we had before

Collective Rachel shares her one golden rule
The best thing about co-chairing or speaking at a CASE conference isn't the CASE branded apron that you are presented as a thank you - though that is of course both stylish and functional.  It isn't the biscuits - though they are of an exceptionally high standard.  It isn't even having a good reason to play about on twitter throughout the working day in the spirit of live tweeting top tips from the speakers.

It's having the opportunity to watch the other speakers and learn from the best. 

So which seven pearls of wisdom have implanted themselves in my noggin?