Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Capital Appeals are their own reward

There are a few things in life that stand out forever.

First Smile by Inforcer on DeviantART
Your child's first smile. Watching your best friend say "I do". Getting tickets to the Stone Roses come back concert in Heaton Park.

And then there's the moment you see a capital project come to fruition. Not just any capital project, but a capital project you saw conceived. The one you helped through it's early, difficult infancy. The one to which you introduced donors. The one which had the vision your donors fell in love with - just as you already had. THAT project.

So let's go back to the moment. 

You're standing in a room full of people that made it happen. The project manager, the finance guy, the Director-with-the-vision, the person that installed the IT cables... everyone. And later, with the donors too (but that's another post).

In that moment you're just about bursting with happiness to see a shared dream realised.  Something tangible after years of work. Not just tangible, but transformational.

But when you do?

It's pure magic.

To see something transform from a vision on a piece of A4 paper to a stunning building, occupied by a fantastic hard working team of people delivering an amazing programme of work, no, scratch that, changing the world... there's few things in life that can beat that.

It makes you glad to be alive.

It makes you glad to be a fundraiser.

To my major gift colleagues I say - stick it out for the long haul.  Be there all the way.  It's worth it.

Congratulations to the fabulous team behind Edinburgh University's Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation which opened its doors this month. It - and you - are a triumph.  



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