Saturday, 29 June 2013

Trust Me... I'm a fundraiser

Every year NFP Synergy conduct their utterly fascinating Charity Awareness Monitor.  They survey the general public and find out interesting things like has anyone ever heard of you?  If they have, do they like you - or want to run a mile?

I recently had the privilege of attending a briefing on their Scottish survey and one thing really struck me.

People don't trust us.

And I mean US in the broadest sense.  You and me, charity friend.  All of us.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Fundraiser's Guide to Avoiding Imps

The experienced fundraisers amongst you know already know what I am about to share:

Imps cause mischief.

No, I don't mean by curdling the milk and making the baby cry. Not THAT kind of imp.  I mean the fundraising kind of Imp AKA Impossibly Monstrous Projects.

You know the kind I mean. "Dear fundraiser, your job is to raise money for asbestos stripping and tile recladding for the city's most hated building." [N.B. this was a real project]

Cue the soft whimper of a fundraiser searching the trustfunding website for that charitable trust that, you know, is set up to provide money for asbestos removal.  Right.

Not impossible, no.  But is it the project most likely to command millions?  Probably not.

So, how to avoid Imps?