Monday, 19 November 2012

Stewardship... when you least expect it

A charity collection bag came through my door.

Brilliant timing I thought. I had several bags of clothes I'd sorted through and they were lurking in the spare room.

The bag, I discovered when I peeled it open, was from The British Heart Foundation. Now, I have no feelings either way for this charity. I had heard of them and believed them to be a worthy cause, so I was happy to fill the bag and leave it out on Monday morning, when they would collect it and save me a journey.

So imagine my delight, when on Monday evening, posted through my letterbox was a thank you note, from the BHF, telling me how grateful they were for my stuff and what work my donation would allow them to do. It was a charming little leaflet about their work - which was entirely unexpected.

My donation to BHF had been entirely coincidental, but this small thank you gesture has gone a long way to building my affinity for them as an organisation.

Are you providing stewardship when people least expect it? BHF are.


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