Monday, 2 July 2012

'Why thank you' Part 2: And the thanks continues

You may recall that last week I wrote about a super-special thank you letter I’d received from a charity, Kids Co.

Well, I dropped them a quick email – just to say how great the letter had been – and how thanked I felt.

And they got back to me.

And I just wanted to share their response for a couple of reasons.

1.     It shows me that everyone in the organisation is committed to the work of the charity.
2.     It shows me that the lady answering the email understands the value of donors to the organisation.
3.     It shows us what a difference not using corporate language makes.


We're thrilled that you liked the letter! We adore all our donors and your generosity deserves to be rewarded with the best letter possible.

Thank you for being such a wonderful and valued friend to Kids Company and the children we support!


Do you email your donors back if they get in touch? Do you show your donors that you adore them?

Kids Company do.


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