Friday, 29 June 2012

Remember What Donors Are Looking For in Your Non-Profit Organisation

Every non-profit has a need – but this doesn’t quite cut in in today’s environment, it’s not enough to persuade a donor to give to you. A few weeks ago @brownrach wrote about what motivates your donors to give to your organisation. This segues quite nicely to exploring that today’s donors seeing themselves as investors – not only are they investing in your organisation, they are investing in improving people’s lives. So if you can articulate these messages though testimonials, real-life stories and statistics via your publications - how you have been directly improving people’s lives you have a much greater chance at building long-term relationships with your donors.

What philanthropic investors are looking for in a non-profit organisation:

  • A compelling mission that engages them in issues
  • A clear vision that brings about change
  • A strategic plan
  • A solid track record
  • A high return on their investment
  • If your board members donate  
  • Thanks and recognition
  • Regular information and feedback
  • Professional staff with energy, empathy and enthusiasm
  • Potential for leverage / matching-funding
  • Timely and open response to enquiries
  • The ability to be part of decision making
  • An opportunity to have fun with people they like with shared values in a collegial environment
  • Emotional involvement
  • A way to give back and do something significant
  • The chance to ensure others have what they did or didn’t have

Niamh, @niamhini

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