Friday, 1 June 2012

Be Alert to Regular Giving

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog on Top Tips for Fundraising in Our Times and pointed out as with all sales the most likely person to give is somebody who has given before. Rachel posted a blog earlier in the week on renewing and retaining donors but do we realise the treasures our databases hold?

Your database is a goldmine of information.  I know we don’t all have Analytics Wizards but we can use simple approaches to 'mining our databases'.

Examine if there are any patterns in the following:
·        When your donors give – weekly, monthly or annually?
·        How much they give – same, varying or increased amounts?
·        Is their gift in response to an appeal, a meeting, a newsletter, news article etc.?

Whatever the reason for giving, most of these donors that give time and time again, want your organisation's attention. They have their hands-up, they are making gifts and want to make that personal connection with you.

Pick up the phone, call the donors, thank them for their gift, and don’t be afraid to ask them what it was that motivated them to give to you.   Donors always appreciate a call and it makes them feel their gift / giving is important to you. If you don't have fundraising software keep accurate records of this and develop your prospect strategy.

Keep up your personal contact with them. Ask them to meet for a coffee and find out more about them and their interest in your organisation.  This will help you build up and expand your prospect pool. Through meeting them and cultivating them, in time it will move donors from giving small amounts into giving more, or dare I say it, into a major donor.

One of the greatest human cravings is to feel appreciated – by not doing anything you are suggesting that you are taking people for granted and we don’t want that perception!

Do what it says on the picture below, make that call and build your prospect pools!

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  1. Great blog post! thanks. Do you think that the key to all this online fundraising is something as simple as content? Regular Giving pre web was done because you believed in the cause. In the world of the social web our expectations around communications have changed, evolved, heightened. Donors want a relationship with the NGO. A social relationship facilitated by the social networks they're familiar with where they get drip fed content the way their friends give it to them. MakeWorldwide are exploring this: