Friday, 18 May 2012

Moving as Fundraisers From Taking to Giving

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on stewardship – which was a whistle stop tour on how we thank our donors.

As fundraisers we can sometimes get into the mindset that we just take money. This puts us at a complete disadvantage and a weak position when it comes to our relationship with our donors. We should look at ourselves as givers and shake off the negative.  

So what can we offer? What do we have, to give to our donors?
  • Knowledge – of our organisation – the mission, vision, uniqueness, worthiness
  • Ourselves – our passion, personality, enthusiasm, humour, charm
  • Insights into issues, solutions to problems, ways to make a difference, opportunities to invest
  • Emotional and memorable experiences
  • Fun, friendship and access to people
  • Acknowledgment, innovative and highly personalised thank yous

All of these will make you at ease with your donors and they will begin to thank you for the relationship.


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