Friday, 4 May 2012

How do you retain your donors? … A whistle-stop tour…

How do you retain your donors? … A whistle-stop tour…

Stewardship is based on the realisation that there is a life cycle to giving and giving is a habit.

If donors are stewarded well they give repeatedly. Whereas some, not many, are wary of recognition, everybody appreciates acknowledgment and thanks. This should not be regarded as a chore.

Remember that first impressions last and this is a way that you can be better than other organisations. It is part of the process of moving from monologue to dialogue with a donor and is an opportunity to integrate your brand values into the communication.

Neglect of stewardship is the foremost cause of donor drop-off in non-profit organisations. People who give their money and then feel ignored will find another organisation where they feel appreciated and involved. Use stewardship as an opportunity to build a deep and meaningful relationship with your donor.

Remember – every gift is a down payment on the next gift.

Tweet me the clever ideas your organisation does in order to retain donors.

Niamh, @niamhini

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