Friday, 25 May 2012

Education is more important than PR

Let’s Try to Remember, Education is more important than PR

Within our sector we want to believe in the dream that if we have good PR it will solve all of our funding worries. We hope that people will read about the great things we are doing and money will flood in. Bad news fellow fundraisers, it rarely works like that!

To raise substantial money we must ask person-to-person, regardless of any well-placed stories about our organisations.

Most campaigns or fundraising drives depend on a relatively small number of major donors (20 people can make or break a campaign) and their decision to give to you won’t be much influenced by what they read or hear about you, it will be influenced by their personal relationship with your organisation and you!  

We should try to think instead in terms of educating them. Every time we contact our donors or our prospects is an opportunity to educate them about the cause, the people and how people’s lives will be changed as a result of their gift and what you do. In all the publicity that we do, we should try to use real people being touched in real ways by our organisation’s work.

We need to communicate with individuals as well as the masses – it’s the only thing that works. Publicity is important in building an image in the public, but it shouldn’t be relied upon as an avenue for fundraising. Raising awareness of our impact and credibility as an organisation contributes to your brand recognition and, in this sense, paves the way for good one-on-one fundraising.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog on Top Tips for Fundraising in Our Times   If you’re not asking your donors for money, somebody else is! So go out and get asking!

Niamh, @niamhini

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