Friday, 27 April 2012

Do we thank our donors enough?

How do you thank your donors?

We must remember that every gift we get from our donors is a down payment on the next. A single, impersonal letter is not enough.

This is a way of bringing the donor into contact with the results of their donation. The bigger the sense of making a difference your donor gets, the bigger the future gets for your organisation. The most important reason that your donor is giving you money is to make a difference in somebody’s life.

It is important to find novel and effective ways of saying thank you, and an effective thank you programme will build and strengthen your relationship with your donors.

I like to aim for three to five ‘thank yous’ depending on the size of the gift
·      A handwritten thank you card that goes out within 24 hours of getting the gift –  Sometimes I feel this is a lost art. How good does it feel when you receive a handwritten note in the post?
·        The official thank you letter and receipt which is used for tax purposes.
·        A personal phonecall from yourself.
·        The CEO/MD/Principal thank-you (gift-size dependant).
·        Two thank-yous from board members outlining the impact the gift will have (gift-size dependant).

Please do twitter me any thank you letters you know have worked for your organisation.

Niamh, @niamhini

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